Cautionary Message

The Scientific Committee of ICLP wishes to inform all the ICLP Participants and Guests as well as the Visitors of ICLP Expositions that the displayed products, including any claimed properties, are solely the responsibility of the individual exhibitors, and thus ICLP has neither endorsed these products nor does it take any responsibilities for their functioning.

The message, as above, is given for the following reasons:

ICLP is a scientific/technical organ trying to promote science within lightning and the use of the results hereof for improving protection for people, animals and properties against the effects of lightning.
According to its bylaws ICLP has a special responsibility to promote good practice and to warn against the use of devices that might jeopardize the required degree of protection and to prevent any promotion and advertising of devices and systems that are, or may be, dangerous.

In line with this obligation, ICLP has several times been asked to give its statements concerning different forms of non-conventional lightning protection devices, like air terminations based on early streamer emission (ESE) technology or other no-proven air terminating systems or protection methods. In this context ICLP has warned against production, marketing and use of such systems before their claimed effects have been verified and the results generally agreed upon by the international scientific community. In addition these repeated warnings have also included warnings against issuing standards for the use and specifications of such systems and methods (e.g., in USA, Australia, France and Spain), before the above requirements have been met.

In the call for papers ICLP, and its organizing committee, invite specialists and experts to present papers within the specified scopes with the proviso that papers will be rejected provided that they do not comply with the scientific state of art and the scope of the different sessions or disregard the general requirements in the call for papers, that: "Only papers of sufficiently high technical/scientific level will be accepted, excluding commercial papers promoting or advertising specific products or systems".
Similarly, and with the following condition, ICLP has provided possibilities for manufacturers and vendors against a modest fee, to exhibit their services and products illustrating the present state of lightning protection technology, . . ". However, in order to categorize commercial products as part of the present stage of lightning protection technology, the products have to be proven relevant and effective with regard to the claims of the manufacturers and vendors.
Therefore, in order to preserve ICLP's integrity and scientific standing, ICLP does not permit any commercial advertisements, promotions or exhibitions of the abovementioned non-proven devices during its conferences, a condition that will be enforced in order to avoid any repetitions of noncompliance with this requirement during exhibitions in connection with former conferences.


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