Project Description

Graduated in 1972 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at BME. He earned his Dr. Univ. in 1977, CSc in 1988, PhD in 1994, and Dr. Habil. in 1995, full professor in 1996, his DSc in 1997 and Széchenyi Scholarship for Professors in 1998. He was the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of BME from 1989 to 1993. He was the Head of the Department of High Voltage Engineering and Equipment of BME between 1993-2003. His field of activities include: high voltage engineering, insulating materials, industrial electrostatics in teaching; electrostatic hazards, electrostatic precipitation, painting, power coating, lightning and over voltage protection, and EMC/ESD/EMP in research. He is chairman of the European Working Party “Static Electricity in Industry” of EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineers), member of the Scientific Committee of ICLP (International Conference on Lightning Protection), Fellow of IEE, Chartered Engineer, UNIDO expert; member of the Hungarian national UNIDO Committee, Scientific Consultant of SHOCK Ltd, member of the Electrostatic Society of America, Institute of Electrostatics Japan, International Fellow and Member of the Board of Directors of International Society of ESP, member of IEEE Environment Health and Safety Committee, member of CIGRE and several national and international scientific societies. He is the author of 17 books and chapters, 17 papers in journals, 84 papers in proceedings, 11 patents and 9 national and international standards, 254 presentations and more then 240 technical reports. He has 122 citations. He got the Denis Gábor Prize in 2002. He is member of the Nominating Committee of Hungarian Academy of Engineering.