Project Description

Jostein Huse obtained his MS degree in electrical engineering at the Technical University in Norway (Trondheim) in 1959, and after a period at the university as assistant professor and research scientist he received the PhD degree in 1964. His primary work was studies of lightning overvoltages and insulation coordination (including computation tools and laboratory studies) in electric power systems.

He joined the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute in 1964 and continued his studies in power system transients, primarily regarding lightning and switching surges. He also was engaged in related test programs in the high voltage laboratory and in various types of field tests in HV and EHV networks.
In a joint project with various contributors (state power board, national telecom system, meteorologists, insurance companies etc.) he initiated the existing lightning detection and location system in Norway. This joint system (first installations in 1979) was gradually improved in the following years, including extended Nordic cooperation. He was the leader of this project until “Statnett” (The Norwegian National Grid Company) in 1994 agreed to take over the responsibility for further development and operation of the system.

Jostein Huse has been engaged in a number of national and international committees and working groups, mainly in the field of lightning and insulation coordination. Within CIGRE he was member of Study Committee 33 as well as in several of this committees WGs. In WG 33.01(Lightning) he was the Secretary for more than 10 years. He received the CIGRE Technical Committee Award in 1995.
Within IEC he was the chairman of SC37A (Surge Protective Devices in LV power systems) in the period 1989-1999. Furthermore he was participating in TC 81 (Lightning Protection), TC28 (Insulation Coordination) and TC28A (Insulation Coordination of LV systems).
He has been active in ICLP since 1978, and was regular member of the Scientific Committee until 2000/2001.
He is the author and co-author of numerous national and international papers and conference publications.