Project Description

Dr. István Kiss graduated in 1995 (MSc., electrical engineer). He attended to the Department of High Voltage Engineering and Equipment at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1998.

Joined to the Budapest school of lightning and lightning protection led by Prof. Tibor Horváth and later by Prof. István Berta. His PhD degree was received in 2005 and became a Dr. Habil. in 2020. As an associate professor he was the head of Department of Electric Power Engineering between 2011 – 2019, currently works as deputy head of the Department.

Member of several International scientific committees (secretary of EFCE Working Party „Static Electricity in Process Industries”, member of ICLP SC, International Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of International Society of Electrostatic Precipitation, chairman of International Conference on High Voltage Engineering /ISH/ 2019-2021, member of CIGRE, IEEE, Electrotechnical committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Electrotechnical Association, Hungarian Academy of Engineering and several further national and international scientific societies)