Project Description

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, 1956/57. Assistant Prof. at the Department of Fundamental Electrotechnique, 1957-59. Study of High Voltage Technique and practice in Sweden at ASEA, Ludvika, and in US and Canada at major industries and research organisations: – Ohio Brass, Barberton Ohio. – National Research Council, Ottawa. – National Bureau of Standards, Washington DC. – General Electric, Pittsfield, and visits to different major industries and universities, 1959-61. Planning and designing of the new High Voltage Laboratory, building, installations, selecting and purchasing of the HV equipment, special and general instruments etc. Parallel to the building programme, development of the educational structure from undergraduate to postgraduate education, development of corresponding courses, planning and establishing the laboratory research programmes including heading the master and the Ph.D. programmes etc. 1961-96. Associate Prof. in the early sixties, and “Docent” around 1990. Retired from the University 1996 – but continued in the former international scientific work and as a consultant. Author and co-author of more than 100 scientific and technical papers and reports.

Examples of major Research Areas:
Impulse Measuring Techniques, heading the international expert groups investigation of Impulse Measuring Technique, IRR-IMS in the EDF’s UHV Laboratory in Les Renardiéres.
PD studies, especially concerning the physical discharge phenomena and there effect and degradation of surfaces in voids.
Insulation Coordination, especially concerning the influence of lightning.
Contaminated insulators in a cooperation with Swedish and Danish Utilities, later through international bodies like CIGRÉ and IEC: Evaluation tests, flashover phenomena and optimization of forms etc.
Electrostatic Precipitators in a cooperation with a Danish company, especially concerning utilization of DC voltage in a combination with superimposed high voltage impulses. Due to the results of the research the company a few years later achieved the position as World Leader within this field.
Lightning and Lightning Protection: Standards, localization, attachment models, Wind Turbines, especially protection of electric non-conductive blades.

Examples of former participation in the international work:
IEC: TC 28 (Insulation Coordination), TC 36 (Insulators), TC 42 (High Voltage Tests), TC 81 (Lightning Protection).
CIGRÉ: Working Groups under SC 33
SIPDA: International Lightning Conference in South America (member of the Initiation and Scientific Committee).
IHS: Member of the Scientific Comity, and Section Chairman at several of the conferences.
ICLP: Former Section Chairman and current Honorary Member of the Scientific and Steering Committee.
Former “Nordic Lightning Group”: Member of the Initiating Group, and Chairman through a number of years.

A/S “Norden” Jubilee Celebration Award 1972, the IEEE Centennial Medial “FOR EXTRAORDINARY ACHIEVEMENT” 1984, Lightning Safety Recognition Award 2002, and the ICLP Karl Berger Award 2008.